Chubbie- A plump bulge you get in your pants when--- it’s an erection, you know a boner! :) Case closed!
Teacher- “You boy, come here and write on the board”
Student- “I can’t”
Teacher- “Why not!?”
Student- “I…I…I”
Gay boy student- “He’s got a chubbie”**giggles**
by Ramra10 January 28, 2008
Top Definition
A big pulsating boner, an erect phallus

See: Pan handle; big floppy donkey dick
Colin was embarrassed of his Chubbie.

Vaz's chubbie was mocked by his girlfriend.
by Oz March 16, 2003
A female hard-on. A Lesbian erection
Man, that bitch gave me a chubbie!
by Booch33 April 20, 2006
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