A chubby girl who is not so fat that she becomes completely sexually unattractive, but is too heavy to be seen socially with. A chubba may be in a lower social stratum and is never higher in status and is often seen as being uninteresting, uninteligent, and generally worthless. A chubba is often a single man's equivalent to a mistress, whom he maintains for sexual purposes whilst shopping around for a more decorative mate.
It's been two months since I've had any ass. I'd better call up my chubba in Riverside.

I'm showing up stag. It's not like I'm going to bring my chubba to a wedding.

I went to see my chubba last night. I felt bad about leaving without flushing her.
by Cool Hand Duke October 02, 2007
Top Definition
one who is chubby

an action that is chubby, such as eating a whole thing of oreos
dude, that new kid is such a chubba.

omg your such a chubba, you just ate all of our fucking oreos!
by Past Outcast August 09, 2007
A penis in a state in between completely flaccid and fully erect.
Or when the penis is propped up on the scrotum sack to look like it is sticking out.
Dude, look at that side view of Tim, he totally got a chubba.
by The beef cheese yeah guy April 19, 2010
When you get so fat your penis resembles a tuna can.
"That Eric Soto is so fat he must be rocken a chuba!"
by Rick James February 18, 2004
A fat dude that is employed by a kind of "meals on wheels" service, selling sandwiches and other snacks from the back of his van.
Chubba! The chubba is here
by bobbob2012 June 28, 2011
Also known as a "poo-chubba", is the slang term for several "chubs" of poo.
Dang, stepped in a poochubba.
by Bryce Craftmaster March 07, 2003
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