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You will need a BLUNT (or fat joint), a SMALL TUBE (like a marker or pen shaft), beer mugs and a freezer. First put the mugs in the freezer to let them frost up. Roll up a fat blunt and attach the mouth end of it to the plastic tube, airtight. Light it up just by sucking thru the tube. Once its sparked go get the mugs. Now put the end of the tube down into the bottom of a mug, hold it there and shotgun a creamy hit into the mug. Because the mug is freezing cold the smoke will stay inside it easily until you tip it upside down. Last thing to do is to tip the mug towards you like your gonna take a drink and inhale the smoke and you will find yourself enjoying a cool CHRONIC MILKSHAKE.
Joe: Yo mikey we should serve up some chronic milkshakes.
Mikey: Hell yea man those are the shit!
Joe: Aright lets roll up a bleezy....
by tannner April 02, 2008
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