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Chris Motionless (Chris Cerulli) is the vocalist for the metalcore band Motionless In White. He is also the sexiest man alive. Has many tattoos and 3 lip piercings and fabulous hair and amazing abs and just gorgeous overall. He is also one of the song writers for his band. Their lyrics are perfect and beautiful and I love all their songs. Chris' voice is one of the best I've ever heard and Motionless In White is definitely a life saving/changing band. I couldn't thank them enough for just existing.
Me: You know the band Motionless In White?
Friend: Yeah they're great. Chris Motionless is amazing.
by A Band Whore November 11, 2013
Chris motionless is the vocalist for the metal band motionless in white . Chris motionless was born on October, 17. 1986 . His real name is Christopher Thomas Cerulli and he was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He formed motionless in white in 2005 . One of the bands most popular songs are reincarnate , puppets trilogy and his song with Ash Costello of New Year's Day , " angel eyes" .
Fan #1. ; woah , dude did you got to the motionless in white concert last night ? Chris motionless's screaming was rad .

Fan #2 .; nah man , that dude is scary .
by MeowganDrew June 26, 2016
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