Past tense of the art of cunnilingus.
Andy: Hey how was the date? You guys see a movie?

Eric: No, we went home after dinner and I chowderbox.
by AndySizzle May 17, 2006
Top Definition
Term referring to the female genatalia that appears to be in disrepair or of low quality maintenance.
"I was gonna go down on her, but I could smell her chowder box and I almost puked."
by Uncle Puddles December 04, 2006
Anyone, under the influence of disco jam, who beleives in any way that his/her babbling conversation will be remembered or carried out the day after.
Did you see Benny, he was so chowder boxed out, that he could'nt decide which important fact he wanted to express at last night's spectacular performance.
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
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