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according to the "good times" theme song, something you stand in; this action in and of itself leads to "good times"
standin in a chow line, GOOD TIMES!
by bryant k. July 26, 2004
food line, such as a buffet
its 5 o'clock, ima head down to the kitchen to get in the chow line
by roger that July 23, 2005
Standing in the unemployment line. Good times.
Hey Kirk, it's a bitch that you lost your job. Guess you have to stand in the CHOW LINE.
by The Natural Light Bandit March 31, 2011
Sitting in the front row, directly on the apron of the runway, of the stage when one is at a strip bar.
When I first stepped in the bar, took a glance the stage, the strippers were so hot, I strolled pell mell right to the chow line.
by E.G. Noodleman April 06, 2011