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a douche bag's evil twin cousin. A chotch bag is more than just a useless idiot, he or she is consistently a useless idiot, often times on purpose.
David: Damn, frickin Jim is such a douche bag!

Paul: Yeah, but i think he's been drinking d water so long we have to classify him as a chotch bag.

David: Whoah, he graduated from db school already?

Paul: no doubt, hey make it rain son!
by DPdaix June 01, 2007
A person exhibiting chotch-like behavior and who has penchant for plaid and acid washed jeans circa 1995
"Wow, look at that chotchbag wearing a plaid shirt and acid washed jeans from 1995. Be careful, the chotchbag's woven belt may cut you."
by HeroChotch July 01, 2005
A person who exhibits Douchebag and Chotch-like traits.
What a chotchbag.
by KDwang August 16, 2010