In Argentina, someone who steal something...a robber, a politician, a soccer referee.
Everybody knows K is stealing money from the taxpayers. He is a "chorro", as the rest of the bunch.
by horatius July 24, 2006
Top Definition
spanish for the shits or diareah; aka hershey squirts
One time i ate too much chilli and I got chorro. Savannha Espinoza from upland california had chorro so i kicked her to the curb.

love, t-bone760
by T-Bone760 August 02, 2004
Spanish for diarrhea.
Excrement in a liquid state.
Luckilly chorro goes away in a few days.
by Freddy October 08, 2005
solid waste, except in the liquid form. A.K.A. diarreah, taco shits, and everything else. Enema can also cause chorro.
Karl Garcia from Freer, Texas (small town in south texas) had chorro one day at school. The school nurse examined his colon, diagnosed him with taco shits, and sent him home for the day.
by Robert Rene March 12, 2005
In Spanish, literally: turbulent, muddy river. Thus, not just liquified feces, but that certain intensity that accompanies its evacuation from the bowels as well.
"The ferocious blast of his chorro distracted him from his gurgling intestines and the rivulets of sweat dripping from his trembling brow.
by Lee Billy June 18, 2008
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