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To hate, disrespect someone
I walked in the room and this doski ass trick just started straight choppin on them water creatures.
by Goose2801 November 06, 2008
19 24
Southern origin: slang for running. Relating to choppy leg motion in running. To escape or outrun on foot.
Boy, when we heard that noise, we all busted out choppin'.
by Sister Gayle October 12, 2006
10 16
The process of sampling music for beats. You chop up the original song, leaving the desired samples for your project.
Dude 1: Hey guy, what are you doing?

Dude 2: Nuffin man, just choppin in the lab.

Dude 1: What are you choppin?

Dude 2: Smokey Robinson's "Tracks Of My Tears"
by One Elleven July 19, 2009
6 13
Oakville Ont. slang for sellin drugs and n e thing of the sort
yo fizzace, chizzop me a dizzle
by B-Dog May 05, 2005
33 43
haveing sex on the regular
you be choppin with ol girl ?
by Najee December 12, 2003
42 52
Choppin is when you talk shit about somebody
Yo' That nigga was choppin you up!
by Reppin Screwston July 05, 2006
35 46
To leave or exit where ever you are at.
Im choppin, but Ill talk to you later!
by Kurr August 27, 2008
3 18