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Choppage is another term for Drumfunk, a subsection of Drum & Bass. See also edits and Drumfunk. The Drumfunk sound is characterised by a deep concentration on electronically 'chopping' and rearranging breaks in jazzy and interesting ways. The rarer the break the better. The emphasis is placed on production work and crate-digging. Drumfunk/Choppage/Edits usually has a simple sine-wave, sub-bassline rather than the cheesy, over the top, default-synth-fest and predictable build up and drop of artists popular in drum & bass right now, see Pendulum see also Clownstep
Paradox, Equinox, Fracture and Neptune, Danny Breaks, Seba, Macc, and Fanu are arguably all Drumfunk aka choppage
by Howza February 07, 2006