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n. A cigarette. Tobbacoo wrapped in paper, usually with a filter.
Can I bum a chonus?
by Zach Slater November 29, 2007
a chonu is a word used to describe a mysterious lost person, someone that has had things happen in his/her life that have ended up ruining it.
Greg: check out the chonu over there, he lost his mother last week.

Jane: very sad indeed.
by kerslick January 30, 2009
A combination of the words "choice" and "bonus." Circa 1983, Beta Theta Pi fraternity, UCLA. For example, "choice + bonus = chonus" as scrawled on a bathroom wall in the fraternity house.
Dude, that roadtrip to the Fiesta Bowl was totally chonus!
by ZippyZoppy January 13, 2010