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State of being attained after driving at least 100 miles (160 km) with the windows rolled up, no A/C or ventilation, smoking fat-ass blunts the entire time. Interior visibility should be no more than 16 inches (40 cm). Characterized by red squinty eyes, trippy grin, and affable demeanor.
Example #1:
Roll down window. Smoke billows out.
Cop: you boys been smokin?
Driver: (Heh heh) Nah mon I'm chongaloid (laugh-cough)

Example #2:
At party, inebriated celebrant spills drink.
Dude A: Fuckin what's yer problem ya fuckin mongoloid?!
Dude B: That's *chongaloid* my good man
by geroldf March 26, 2008
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