The action of giving someone flowers
Yesterday I saw a cute girl and I choned her with roses.
by AOtxASSASSiN August 28, 2013
chode with a boner
wow that new guy jack f is a chone

whats a chone

a chode with a boner
by smartyguy_smart February 05, 2014
the type of woman you bring home to your mother , she's classy and stunning , gels well with others. She's friendly and is often used as a door mat , she aims to please others and ends up neglecting herself so if you have a chone tie a knock around her neck and don't let her go.
Chone,s Usually a petite woman with a fat ass
by charnanals ;) January 08, 2014
A chastity throne; namely a chair meant for only one person, thus making it a "chaste throne".
If I hadn't sat on a chone, I would be like a mouse in an empty desert. One who had just chewed on its own leg to escape the wrath of a snake, yet vultures loom high above my head.
by AwnuhBonana January 24, 2012
the act of having sex
if you had sex with someone the previous night you would say.....
"dude I choned last night."

if you want someone to have sex it you, you would say...
"please chone me!"
by ash p. December 10, 2007
young females, desired by young males for horizontal use
Let's go get us some chone.
by greener May 03, 2005
The mixutre of the words boner and choad which I feel are not used enough anymore.
"Dude, that guy is such a chone."
by deeznuts30 August 30, 2009

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