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A woman's crotch. Her private parts.
My chonch is itchy.
by Melissa June 17, 2003
162 72
a vagina ,a stupid person, a jackass
I want to eat her chonch..That guy is a chonch...don't be a is a universal word just like fuck...
by oscar February 05, 2004
292 118
Spanish slang for Camel Toe or female's crotch hump.
Wimpy, weak or chicken guy.
Also Pussy, Snatch, or Crotch
"Dang check out that chic's Chonch!"
"Dude your such a Chonch!"
by Jivetech November 14, 2007
81 44
another name for vagina
"Man her chonch smelled like fish."
by baybeedizzy December 02, 2009
36 26
A female that is regarded only for her pussy, cunt, hole, whatever you call it.
I've gotta a date with this chonch tonite.
by nadda June 03, 2003
63 60
To make plans to meet somewhere and not show up
Aaron made plans to meet for sushi but he chonched us.
by big_hot_carl July 21, 2010
23 23
A person that behaves like a coward.
Don't be such a chonch, get on the rollercoaster!
by BrendaZamora October 12, 2006
45 46