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a mix between chilly and cold, chold is a feeling, and only relates to a person's inner temperature.
It's cold outside, it's cold in the house, I am feeling chold.
by kelly beee February 23, 2008
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A meaningless word which can be used in substitution for a noun. In rare cases, it can be used as a verb and adjective.

Often used with the "song".

It can also be used by itself in the form of a question.
"Cholds songs"


"Where are the cholds?"
by cdd527 October 17, 2004
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A word to use when there simply is no other word. Often used to interrupt other people when you don't feel like responding. Can be used as a verb if you want to try to avoid being specific. (Verb forms: I cholds, I have choldsed, having choldsed, etc.). A semi-precious word to be used most effectively against those who have not understood the meaning yet, thus often annoying. Those who don't understand cholds often react by saying what? Those who do understand usually say: "yeah" and nod.
What were you doing last night when I called you?

choldsing and/or

two05 (12:30 PM): hi
ratpack57 (12:31 PM): cholds
two05 (12:31 PM): yeah

"Cholds songs?"

"I got in a long fight last night and then I had to go up to my room and do you know what my mom said?"
"What? no!"
by tim October 17, 2004
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A young person between the age of birth and puberty. Similar to an adolt, however, younger.
There are too many cholds.
by responsible adolt July 02, 2013
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