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a true lover of choir and its music and goes beyond the regular choir events to excel. a person said to be a real passionate lover of the fine music instead of taking it as another "easy" elective or class. these type of people can be described as geeky or appear to have no lifes.
"omg,did you hear what chair she got in All-state?
yeahh,i mean come on,she is a choir freak after all.."
by aresheyol:) February 15, 2009
A female or male who are obsessed with the chorus or choir they are in, memorize all the songs faster than what seems humanly possible, randomly burst into song, absolutely love chorus camps where you sing for over 8 hours each day, and make the music they sing personal and filled with passion and emotion. Commonly found playing around with an instrument or looking over sheet music, these people put their heart and soul into what they do, and love every second of it.
1."Stop looking over that music and come eat your dinner!"
"But MOM, I HAVE to get the solo!!!!!!"

2. Not a band geek, or an orch dork, but a Choir Freak, and proud of it!!!
by Kjpwnage August 13, 2010

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