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Chofter (n.) one who chofts; the act of doing vaguely creepy, socially-incompetant and sexually-inappropriate things in public places. The chofter is characterized by vastly failing personal hygene, a wardrobe memorializing decades past, attempts at overly-permissive conversations with women much younger than him, usually sales clerks, waitresses, library attendants and others who, by professional standards must address even the most contemptible individuals tactfully. He is prone to masturbate in public, in internet cafes, or public urinals while fantasizing over non-mainstream fetish photos, like female bodybuilding or ball-stretching. Related words: choftish (adj), choftery (n.), chofterly (adv.)
"Hey that chofter in the corner is beating off to pubic hair-dying pictures again. Will you please call him a police escort."
by Portmanteau June 10, 2008
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