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To Lick and suck repetedly on a chode or tiny penis
Anyone named Brett is a chode muncher

Brett- I am the biggest chode muncher ever!!!!!
by Naughty panda June 30, 2009
1. Someone who munches on short fat penises
2. Someone who annoys you
1. I know I my penis is small and fat and all, but is it that complicated to suck me off? She was munching on it, like she couldnt get a hold. I can't date a chodemuncher.
2. He talks and talks, he is such a freaking chodemuncher.
by Jacob Pham April 20, 2006
someone who munches on chodes
u dirty little chode muncher
by jason April 12, 2004
a person who has a rapturous enjoyment for the taste of chodes.
Chris is such a chode muncher. So is Cruz.
by Exploding Pants November 27, 2007
a person who likes to nibble on the tip of a chode
Shawn told me that Brooke and Danyelle were both chode munchers
by Christ Bridges January 17, 2006