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A person who is very fat and very short. aka: a human chode.
Hey look! It's a chode man!
by ericccccc November 11, 2006
a person hoo is fatter thn they are tall
"hey besco yooh are a chode-man"
by jack mcculloch May 26, 2008
A penisman who has no confidence, no friends, and a tiny penis.

This person is more than likely disliked by everyone he or she knows.

Typically this is used to describe only males but is very versatile.

This word is harsher than Penisman, Peniswoman, and Vaginaman combined
You suck Chodeman!

Eat it Chodeman!


Oh yeah? Well at least I'm a damn penisman you chodeman idiot.
by Tha Cannon February 24, 2010
when some one has a littel cock that is not appealing
small cock and chode man
by faggot dude February 22, 2010