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n. The chode eating chimaera is one of many mythological monsters that you may or may not have heard of, but it's only real mythological beast that has been proven to exist. The chode eating chimaera can be found in many people today, and is passed down through heredity. The chode eating chimaera resides in the thyroid glands. It (as you probably guessed) feats on chodes.
The chode eating chimaera also has tentacles that latch onto the spine of the host and uses them to gain control over the host's brain. The chode eating chimaera is an evil monster indeed. They can be found wide across the internet.
In order to kill a chode eating chimaera you have to cut off the head of the host.
"Shut up you chode eating chimaera."

"Silly Mike, I know that's just the chode eating chimaera speaking."
by Zacharoth September 19, 2006
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