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To buy and sell junk or the act of being really cheap.
Ex 1: That guy is a choadiepreneur...he's been going to the junkyard and rippin krusty carbs off old cars and sellin them online. Preneu'n hardcore!

Ex 2: Man, I don't pay for roadside trash pickup! I just dump my garbage in my neighbors cans after they put them out by the road! Preneu that!
by Randy Macho Man Savage July 28, 2008
18 3
1. The art of selling cheap junk to turn a minimal profit.
2. Going to the extreme of cheapness.
A: Jeff has been choadiepreneur'n...buying junky furniture from the thrift store and reselling it to college kids.

B: Adam searches for the box on the shelf that has a dent in it, takes it to customer service, and asks for a discount on the item since the box is damaged. That's preneu'n!
by Jeffrey P Hambone August 10, 2008
8 0