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chithu is the passe compose conjugation of the french slang word, chithre. Chithre means "to act like an idiot".
Il a chithu a la maison de mon ami!
He acted like an idiot at my friend's house!
by Vive_la_france June 29, 2011
Ungodly beast feared by the ancient Greeks in 1000 B.C, known to have accompanied the minotaur in raids on villages. Image closely resembles what is currently known as a troll, hideous and morbidly obese, scientists suggest that this beast is a black hole shrinking to create a black neutron star, composed of the heaviest dark matter, this type of occurrence only happens once every 100 years. It is postulated that during this occurrence the hole sucked in matter from the earth shrinking it in size also a theory of how Atlantis sunk. The Greeks have sacrificed tons of food in order to please this beast. Lately Chithu has been acting up creating the earthquake in Japan, Haiti and all other freak weather. Chithu cannot be detected, because it is composed of matter from the black hole. It can only be detected through the horrible moaning sounds that it makes. The Greeks thought moaning which heard through amplification of the caves and valleys in Atlantis, thought that this was an actual beast. But due to modern science we know better. Modern profane terms have been derived from the term Chtihu.
He just stole my cake, what a chithu!
by solipsistsftw June 05, 2011
Chithu is a beautiful ancient goddess know for her kindness and wisdom.
Pray to Chithu for forgiveness, so she will forgive you.
by Thanu777 April 09, 2015
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