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a slang word,mainly used in certain parts in east london.like leyton,where im from.
it means "rock paper scissors"
not ALL teen londoners kno dis tho.
1.ey,bruv less play ching chang walla.
2.we gota ching up 2 see who'll do it.
by Red-Eye November 03, 2004

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Meaning: Rock, paper, scissors (or Scissors paper rock (backwards))

This is typical of the kind of distortion which is still prevailant within spoken English in the East End aka Cockney. This is also true of the origins of this word, being derived from both the Yiddish and Romany languages. The original meaning of these three words, basically pays tribute to the Godly people of Camaroon.

"Alfred lets play footsies to see who shall be paired up with Barthomenuo."

"No, same as Ghostly. Eveyone knows that you can calculated who shall lose in footsies. I want it to be decided by a game of probabilities, mixed with a little skill."

"Damn it. Okay, but there are only two of us. Lets make it ching chang walla."

"Okay. I concur. Good show."
by J.K.Rodders July 27, 2007