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1. A Chinese person (or any person or Asian appearance) driving a vehicle, most likely badly and too slow. 2. A fellatio game in which the fellatrix braids her hair with a pigtail on either side of her head. The blow job receiver sits in a chair. Kneeling between the legs of her seated partner she allows him to grab a braid in each hand. (For men or those with short hair this game can also be played quite effectively by grabbing the ears). The B.J. reciever may extend his right leg placing his big toe on her clitoris or she may mount his right leg. Either way now he is in the "drivers" seat". To make her go faster he simply screams "vroom" and and steps on the gas (clit) peddle.

3. A sexual position where the female, standing and bent over, is entered from the rear by the standing male. He then proceeds to walk/fuck her around the room trying not to run into furniture. Advanced form is the "Chinese Asshole driver".
1. "Oh my God! Stay away from that car...Chinese Driver!"
2. "Oh my God! My face got banged up because Wong Wei got all Chinese Driver on me last night. Practically tore my hair out."
3. "Oh my God! My face got banged up because Wong Wei fucked me all Chinese Driver last night. I have to go to Ikea and buy all new stuff ."
by Motown John October 23, 2007
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