A man's testicles- (cause there furry like chin-chillas)
My nuts is Chin-chillas cause they chill on ya chin.
#balls #nuts #scrotum #sak #ballsack
by James P. Owens August 11, 2006
A cute, furry little creature. Chinchillas are "a cross between a bunny and a squirrel" with a round body, big head, and squirrel like tail. They are my favorite animal.
Hey, why is that chinchilla springing so fast!?
#rodent #cute #squirrel #bunny #chinny #chin #chinster
by little shopaholic December 02, 2011
A animal in the rodent family that lives in Mexo-America.

Cooking a large amount of cocaine in a kitchen to make an abnormally large sale of crack. Used on the Young Jeezy mixtape 1000 Grams Vol. 1.
Goin in the kitchen to whip me up a Chinchilla
#weed #rodent #cocaine #crack #jeezy
by Crayterm13 August 20, 2010
fur coat...really expensive clothing
clipse- "what happened to that boy"
my niece was 4 when she felt chinchilla
by chin chill uh September 29, 2003
Chinchilla is when someone has gone, to far, to far in a conversation. Chin is a lower level of when someone has gone to far, but a chinchilla is when someone is trying to be funny, in going to far.
Like chin where A was saying to B "how are you" B replied in a chin way but for B to be a chinchilla he would have to go way to far, for example saying "Rubbing cream cakes into your mums bum and your family" ... this is just not funny and B would then be classified as a chinchilla.
#chin #chinchilla #gone #to #far #conversation
by Chinnerz June 23, 2010
Used in a random situation, one person uses the palm of their hand and and hits the chin of another person causing them to either bite their lip or tounge. When you do this you say chinchilla!
In the middle of her sentence, I gave my sister a good chinchilla, and I made her bite her tounge and she started bleeding.
#random #hurt #bite #tounge #awkward
by Partrick Giggleworm July 21, 2009
giving oneself a blowjob and then falling asleep immediately after.
I gave myself one good chinchilla last night!
#captain cavemaned #hummered oneself #bj for me by me #me myself and i #spanking my monkey
by dwight schrute - beet farmer September 24, 2007
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