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an extrememly delicious frozen drink sold at Cumberland Farms for 69 cents plus tax, so 72 cents. Comes in many delictable flavors including coke, cherry, clue raspberry, sour apple, leomonade, and grape.
Let's go get chillzones.
by WANGWRANGLA December 09, 2006
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a) a safe haven of sorts, for poor scared little boys who have nearly been butt raped in the middle of the night.twice. only to find that they get butt raped every night in the CZ.

b) a place where a bunch of dicks sit around and eat munchies.

c) a place for a bunch of gay fat asses to argue.

d) there are no girls allowed for a reason. no girls are needed all sexual activities are fulfilled.

"cheese and rice! i mean, i need to argue. chill zone anyone?"

by Head Trick February 11, 2009
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"Hey wanna do something today ;)"
"Umm nah let's just chill."
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A place for BAMF's to hang out and talk about people who aren't cool enough to be there.
Jajaun, Allan, Monique, and Shaniqua were all very cool and wanted to chill, so they hung out in the chill zone.
by Gdog187 March 10, 2009
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A zone filled with chill
Relaxing and conversing with friends in a chill environment.
the act of being in a room embarrassed with chill.
Hey where do you want to smoke this pot?
Lets go to the mother fucking chill zone!
by The master of time and space September 06, 2008
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Someone or something that is chill and calm.
Mostly someone that is chill, but could refer to a whole group or setting.
"Hey man let me text him he is chillzone"
by S-Town July 04, 2009
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