It's the state that we are in when we sit down to do our podcast, "The Chill Mode". A very relaxed and easy flow of tech information from 3 guys who enjoy gaming, gadgets, movies, computers and music.
I can't wait to hear what the guys will be talking about on the next episode of "The Chill Mode".
by Ray Dawgs July 26, 2008
Top Definition
Cool with whatever happens; Being in a calm state; At peace with whatever may happen; having a calm stature
"It's a fight down the street. We should go down there." "I don't care. I'm on Chill Mode right now." "What do you mean your in Chill Mode?" "I'm calm right now"
by lilMaine April 27, 2010
after smoking marijuana, the effect your body feels- lazy.

bro... that blunt put me in chill mode forreal...
by BG baby August 04, 2008
when you are at school and don't wanna do nothing. you sit in your room or outside and miss your classes, exams, and everything else in life.
DJ didn't go to his Final Exam because he was in chill mode today.

DJ is in chill mode before, during, and after his exams.

DJ sits in his bed at night eating Taco Bell instead of working out because he's in chill mode.
by D-Weav May 03, 2007
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