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A term referring a bad golf shot, usually involving a divot behind the ball. Chili dipping occurs when you swing too hard or get too far behind the ball, causing a massive divot and sending the ball only a few yards, if any at all. Most amateurs chili dip often, sometimes more than once per hole. Chili dipping occurs mostly due to misuse of an iron, but if you're especially terrible, a chili dip may occur while using your putter.
Tin Cup: Hmm...a little chili dipper there...
Romeo: Be sure to do that in the Open.

Amateur golfer #1: {shanks the ball and leaves a massive divot}
Amateur golfer #2: I did that twice last hole, it's called a chili dipper.
by Goldie403b March 24, 2007
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A person who overhears another's conversation and then, uninvited, tells them how to do their business.
Tom was leery of speaking openly about his projects around the office due to Larry's being a constant Chili Dipper.
by The Mouse Man November 02, 2009
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