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A word that describes a Chinese person acting as if he was a black gangster, some 'Chiggas' glorify themselves as one or some may think their fake or being stereotypical about blacks who listen to hip hop
"Im tha realest Chigga in tha mutha fuckin hizzy"

"Look at that clown ass Chigga"
by Mr T April 12, 2004
108 79
A Chinky Nigga, an asian mixed with african american
Mix with an Asian (usually Chinese) and African American.
by Chigga November 15, 2004
14 36
1. A person with whom you share a good friendship, trust, or otherwise consort with.
2. A person of both african and asian decent or american and asian decent, usually of such alienation to both races s/he cannot directly be called one.
Derivitive of the noun Chiggro, Cheegro, Chigglet, Chigtrio
1. "Sorry I can't be at the funeral, I am going to chill wiff my chiggas."
2. "That Tiger Woods...he's one messed up chiggro."
by Garrett Ross June 09, 2004
19 41
a chinese person who acts or thinks he is black. Pretty much the same as a wigger but a chinese person instead of a white person.
"yo my homies" -chinese's person talkin
"yo dawg"-chinese's person
(sorry could not come up with an example and they make you
by James December 23, 2004
29 53
chigga means an azn person who grew up with influence of black culture they dont just wanna be like a black guy... punkass think chins wanna be black and shit... chin pride, chin for life!!!!
man#1: whose those chins walkin, chillin, doin them things like aint no thing?
man#2: those chiggas is down dogg, they grew up in the park.
man#1: word? wats them tatoos say on them arms?
man#2: chin for life... in chinese.
man#1: word...
by chindogg September 21, 2005
16 42
Is another word for chick or {chicka} a name for a female.
A girl walks up to a group of her female friends and goes "What's up chiggas?"
by Jessica November 18, 2004
8 34
so the ch- part comes from the mexican gangster term cholo. and the -igger part comes from the word nigger. so perty much it means a half black half mexican gangster.
look at that fella right ther he is a chigga.. and damn is he fine!!
by bredizzle January 11, 2008
1 31
chinese nigga
when i want great sex, i call my chiggas
by CHODEMASTA January 25, 2003
19 49