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1) A closet-like piece of furniture, much like a wardrobe or armoire, but with one side being a long space for hanging clothes and other side with drawers. The word is derived from the French "chiffonier" and wardrobe.

2) An item of furniture one may be invited to "bust up" as a euphemism for sex, especially between a Caucasian woman and an African-American man.
Mayella Ewell in the movie "To Kill a Mockingbird" (1962): "I was sittin' on the porch, and he come along. Uh, there's this old chifforobe in the yard, and I-I said, 'You come in here, boy, and bust up this chifforobe, and I'll give you a nickel.'"

I'd love to see Denzel bust up Angelina's chifforobe.
by WhatDivaWants May 02, 2007
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