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A chinese midget.
"Watch out for those kung-fu chidgets; they punch at nard level!"
by Phlegatu February 05, 2004

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A chubby midget. Sometimes has a larger width than height. A short, fat kid.
haha oh my god look at that chidget, he waddles like a penguin.
by imcool503 April 25, 2009
A chidget is a particularly short chav, acquiring its name through the combination of the words 'Chav', and 'Midget'.
A chidget's behaviour matches quite accurately the behavious of a chav of a normal stature, however the shortness of the Chidget makes it's chavvy behaviour yet more humurous.
A chidgets voice is likely to be of a higher pitch, however, and it is said that in some remote locations in lower Birmingham, particularly small chidgets can actually communicate with dogs.
Person 1: Ah! Ow! I think my knees acting up!

Person 2: Nope, theres a chidget trying to happy slap you.
by WillLDT February 21, 2009