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crappy books written by and for women ...chicklit can be good, chickshit never is
Eat Pray Love is a self-indulgent example of the rampant chickshit on the literary market these days.
by mllp April 26, 2008
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When a male mimics the female ability to enter a bathroom, defecate quickly, maybe even wash hands, and exit said bathroom in a timely manner. The term is neither derogatory nor complimentary; it is simply observational.
Guy A: "You're back quick - I thought you said you had to drop a deuce?"
B: "I did! I took a chick-shit. But it wasn't by choice - somebody moved the copy of War and Peace I was reading in there. Plus I still have that hemorroid I showed you last week . . "
by gwood99 July 13, 2008
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