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doing something last minute, usually the result of disorganization or procrastination
K: Did you finish your assignment?
B: nah, Im gonna pull a chicken run Monday morning
by Urby Ambcock January 19, 2007
Diarrhea incurred from eating large quantities of spicy chicken.
The man was stricken by a case of the chicken runs after eating 40 hot wings at the bar.
by ThisNameIsMeta June 04, 2013
A gooey paste made from liquefied chickens, often used a sexual lubricant, especially butt-play.
Jacques applied chickenrun liberally to his wife's ass, then went on in.
by Jeacques Asse February 05, 2009
When you and your friends are at the mall and are hungry, but don't feel like buying anything. Thus, you walk by the restaurants at the food court that hand out free chicken (usually bourbon chicken). Often repeated as hunger necessitates.
"Dude, I'm hungry but I don't have any money!."
"It's okay, let's make a chicken run!"
by howdyhowdy May 31, 2008
To perform the chicken-run:
1. Get friend drunk/stoned.
2. Tie their hands in front of them.
3. Peel down their pants at the back just enough so their crack is showing.
4. Insert a small strip of toilet paper into the victim...i mean, friend's brown baby boy button.
5. Set fire to aforementioned TP and, since their hands are tied up so they cant reach back to put it out, they run around for a while like a chicken.
6. Watch and chuckle. Filming the ordeal is good blackmail.
"ok, when hotpopulardrunkchick passes out, we'll chickenrun her"
by Sparkolophogus November 26, 2003
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