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an offensive word for a black person
I got dem drugs from da chickaboo down on 5th.
by Underdacover December 10, 2007

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1. A phrase that is meant to be said in a certain way (like talking to a baby infant or puppy)
To be said when you think something is almost too adorable.

2. Also something to say to make someone feel cute or adored.

3. A name that can be used on someone when you feel like they are having a bad day, or just feel bad for them.
Awww chicka boo you're such a cutie!

Chicka boo what's wrong?
by chicka boo October 19, 2009
A Chicka boo is a homie or one of your close friends.

~Made famous by Cara J. Aka Zebra Cakes~
Hey Chicka boo.
by Z.C. October 20, 2007