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excellent; of the utmost quality
This shit is so choice it's chezzer
by H-bomb jetpack March 17, 2004
(N) A person with little or no redeeming qualities that frequently engages in consuming methamphetamines. More often than not, their preferred mode of transportation is bicycle between the hours of 2am through 5am. They rely on the "Barter System" rather than US Treasury Notes. This is in part due to their resourceful abilities to find odd and unnecessary items.
Hey Wilbur, what in tarnations is your neighbor doing watering the lawn at 3am in nothing but his jean shorts? W: Oh yeah, its the first of the month and he just got his welfare check, he's a chezzer. He sure rocks a sweet mullet though.
Chez Chezzin
by Heirophant October 14, 2010
Noun - A person of below average intelligence, possibly mentally retarded, who has committed a foolhardy act. The term is also often used to describe a chav.
What are you doing you chezzer? Don't you realise that procreating with your sister is a bad idea, even if you will get more child benefit?
by Pete L December 13, 2004
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