Used in the same manner as saying shotgun or dibs. Doesn't count unless said car/item is in eyesight.

In reference to the Star Wars character Chewbacca who was Han Solos right hand man.
I got Chewie on the first hit on that joint.

I called Chewie and beat out our other six friends for the passenger seat.
by Kthro December 01, 2009
A very hairy wookiee. He enjoys running around the house like a maniac, barking at loud things, jumping on people, pooping, and drinking out of the toilet.
My pet wookiee, Chewie, is a walking carpet.
by Seymour Butz April 04, 2003
A notorious she beast which haunts the once fun land of toy land. her vicious claws shred even the bravest of men, with her lesbonic stare, she looks in to the souls of men and burns a bit away from us each time.
"holy fuck man why you crying?"

"I fucked up man, chewie got me.
by dd5585 August 23, 2009
A guy who has an extreme amount of body hair, especially on the back. He reminds people of chewbacca.
Rose: Did you hear that Samantha slept with Chewie?

Mary: No way. She must have been bad off! I wonder if he kept his shirt on?
by Tyra Gonsuron May 12, 2008
chewie is when some horny freak sends you photos of his genitals and other pornographic items against your will in a chatroom
man that person is so chewie i want to vomit
by bijosh September 29, 2007
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