The practice of not awarding a medal to a non-human after completing a heroic act.

Based on Chewbacca not getting a medal after the destruction of the first death star.
I hope the dog that went on the Bin Laden raid is not chewbaccaed and is given a medal.
#star wars #screwed #chewbacca #wookie treatment #dissed
by hydra1970 May 06, 2011
Top Definition
when the third person in a group is forced to walk behind the other two, who are walking shoulder-to-shoulder, referring to Chewbacca in Star Wars always had to walk behind Han Solo and Luke Skywalker
Stacy and Jane totally chewbaccaed me when we were walking down State
#star wars #chewbacca #hans solo #luke skywalker #walking
by lotuspanda March 15, 2008
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