Football Goal Kicker who kicks it from the goal square
Nick Arney is a cherry picker
by dowely July 26, 2011
The boom and bucket on a truck or van, designed to reach trees, phone lines, power lines, etc...
Jerry was up in the cherry picker while Dan set out the cones.
by Kristina5979 May 05, 2008
1) Standing next to the goal in World Cup Soccer so you could tap your foot on the ball when it's going into the goal so it could count as your goal.
That fat kid's such a cherrypicker. Jason's ball was going in!
by LovelyLauren228 August 11, 2011
someone who deflowers two or more virgins and has experience with training the inexperienced.
"That girl is a real cherry picker, there she goes after another one."
by k kron August 18, 2009
1. When you scratch your balls so much that they crack and start to bleed.
2. When you finger a girl when she's on her period.
Dude, I was scratching my balls a lot last night and I darn gave myself a cherry picker.

Jenna and I where about to have intercourse but I found out that she was on her period, so I just gave her a cherry picker.
by DYLANNNNNNNNNNNN. April 10, 2006
Someone who chooses the football games they turn up to and play in.

person who constantly lets you down, and is unreliable

Another Sunday morning and Dec's not here again - Football Manager: that fucking cunt hasn't turn up again! he's nothing but a cherrypicker

Squad to Dec: you fucking ccunt, you only a cherrypicker!

by Mark Murphy September 12, 2007
Vestigial penis formed from the enlarged clitoris of certain intersex individuals. So named as it is sometimes the first foreign object to penetrate the individual's vagina, usually during the teen years.
Jade thrust her rounded breasts forward, reaching down, slowly sliding off her skirt, exposing her nice 4 inch cherry picker to her somewhat apprehensive boyfriend.
by randomness November 28, 2003

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