sentimental, maudlin, melodramatic, corny
That Celine Dion song is so cheesy.
by elricky February 26, 2004
over exaggerated and still not cutting it, off by a mile and overdone
*Newschool hiphop is cheesy
*Your parents trying to be down and cool is cheesy
*Most gothics look cheesy
*Emo-style inherits the essence of cheesy
*animals and manga cartoons presenting a consumer product is cheesy.
by Spyglass-2 July 13, 2008
See cheap.
"That Jin player was really cheesy."
by Mad Walrus September 01, 2002
an adjective to replace cool, awesome, hot, etc.
"That new shirt is so cheesy!"
by Em February 20, 2005
hungry. Derived from "munchies"
I'm cheesy as hell right now.
by gravity5 March 05, 2006
The new and better way to say "cool".
"We are soooo cheesy"
by Seannluca November 07, 2007
someone who is really stupid and rehabed
Richia is such a fuckin cheesy!
by Kourtnay May 27, 2003
Wonderful, beautiful, cute, sexy, awesome, clever and fun girl, who is a beautiful, very loveable.
Cheesy is so cute!
by polesp August 02, 2009

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