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1. A reference to pizza.

2. Often used by new Christians to replace their old habit of saying the name "Jesus Christ" in vain, or superfluously.
Dad was doing some carpentry last week and he hit his thumb with a hammer. He yelled out, "Dog bandit! Cheesy crust, look at my fricken thumb!"
by Shelly Bozdog July 01, 2006
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Used when describing a penis that developed white muck in the wrinkels around the head due to poor hygiƫne.
If it wasn't for my cheesy crust I would have shagged her on the spot.
by Count Von Zeppelin September 18, 2006
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(noun) The process of lacing you or your partner's penis with Cheeto dust, letting it harden, and eating it off like a dick Dorito shell within the next few hours. Typically practiced in the Philippines and in Italy.
'Susan was wild last night.'
'What'd she do?'
'She gave me a cheesy crust and my dick still smells like cheese after showering.'
'Damn, that's hot.'
by SexSlangOfficial September 14, 2016
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