the act of chilling or relaxing
Neil said, "I'm just cheesing right now, son."
by ndshah08 November 08, 2008
Getting high on cat urine. Letting a male cat spray urine in your face so that you can snort the piss and get a high from it.
We got so high cheesing last night at my friend's house. He has five cats in the house.
by JackassGeorgia March 26, 2008
The act of attacking an opponent early in a game by focusing all production on offensive units and neglecting economy.
In our Starcraft tourneys, cheesing is against the rules because it is totally broken for the Protoss.
by iHazBigDictionary June 04, 2014
the act of having a male cat urinate on one's face followed in by deeply breathing in the aroma of the car urine. gives quite a buzz
dude, i was cheesing real hard last night and i wound up naked!
by Mattthehitmanhart March 26, 2008
Tripping balls off of cat piss.
Jeromy was cheesing so we took his cats away.
by Rudman March 26, 2008
inhaling cat urine in order to obtain a LSD like trip
He's cheesing out of his F-ing mind!!
by greg and kevin March 26, 2008
Sniffing concentrated male cat urine in order to get high. Made famous by South Park.
"Dood, I'm cheesing my F-ing balls off right now."

"Feel like cheesing?"

"Lets go cheese."
by TotalEclipse518 March 26, 2008

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