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When u r propa cold u say I'm cheesin' insted ov i'm freezin'
fuckin hell its fuckin cheesin' 2day!
by Reks August 18, 2005
18 136
Smiling artificially and excessively largely, as if a picture is being taken of you.
Man, I had to lie to my parents last night and I was cheesin' hard!
by Walker, Seth, Ben February 09, 2005
555 98
walkin around with a huge smile on your face. from where someone is taking a picture and they tell you to "Say cheese!"
"That dood's cheesin!"
by arecks June 27, 2004
423 85
The act of smiling, as if posing for a picture
She started cheesin' when the boy she liked gave her a compliment.
by Ali December 08, 2003
254 62
cheesin: to grin insanely. Quite often after good news or a good getting into someone. If "pure" said in front of it, then a common Glaswegien saying emerges.
Not to be mistaken from the older sayin "cheesed off" used by middle aged people who still think that they are "hip"
I'm cheesin after last night
Ay you're pure cheesin ya bam
I'm cheesed of dudes 'coz I'm turning 50 tomorow
by random bulldog August 03, 2004
223 94
That big wide smile you get when you're truly happy, content, or satisfied
He told me I was pretty, and I was cheesin for the rest of the day.

I just devoured that piece of chocolate cake and man, I'm cheesin hard.

I thought about the good time we had and I started cheesin.
by 4 July 06, 2005
176 63
The act of smiling so intently that one might almost laugh. A smile that is intense.
Gurl, you are cheesin' so hard that that man knows you want him.
by Wynette zMcWilliams July 12, 2005
137 35
Smiling uncontrollably because you are high or otherwise intoxicated.
She hit the blunt and within minutes was cheesin' like a mug.
by Droznisu December 05, 2007
97 28