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Another word to yell out if you want attention.
......CHEESE PUFF!!!!!!!
by Michael Robinette October 10, 2005
The coolest person on planet Earth.
CheesePuff is so damn cool.
by Justin Christie July 06, 2003
to place one's mouth over the butthole and blow a short, powerful blast of air into the anus.
my rusty trombone was immediately followed by a cheese puff.
by gsodthecluck July 24, 2009
A sensational snack eaten for pure snacking or can be thrown at other people to show affection. And the person cheese puffed must show a good sign to the cheese puffer so he/she can get the OK to date or possibly kiss.
Man, this cheese puff is good.

Joe:Arlan just cheese puffed her.And she laughed
Bob:OMG!! Seriously?! Ricky's gonna be pissed.
by silver mercedes nailpolish34 February 15, 2010
Simply a Puff of Cheese.
Cheese (from cows) + Puff (from smokers usually weed) = Cheese Puff!
by Der Neger February 02, 2005
cheesy balls!
that you can eat!
then when your finished you lick your cheesy fingers!
you:can i have some of your cheesepuffs??

by shanekua April 09, 2006
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