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Another word to yell out if you want attention.
......CHEESE PUFF!!!!!!!
by Michael Robinette October 10, 2005
20 8
The coolest person on planet Earth.
CheesePuff is so damn cool.
by Justin Christie July 06, 2003
30 17
to place one's mouth over the butthole and blow a short, powerful blast of air into the anus.
my rusty trombone was immediately followed by a cheese puff.
by gsodthecluck July 24, 2009
17 8
Simply a Puff of Cheese.
Cheese (from cows) + Puff (from smokers usually weed) = Cheese Puff!
by Der Neger February 02, 2005
22 15
A sensational snack eaten for pure snacking or can be thrown at other people to show affection. And the person cheese puffed must show a good sign to the cheese puffer so he/she can get the OK to date or possibly kiss.
Man, this cheese puff is good.

Joe:Arlan just cheese puffed her.And she laughed
Bob:OMG!! Seriously?! Ricky's gonna be pissed.
by silver mercedes nailpolish34 February 15, 2010
6 2
A console gamer
Haha that guys a total cheese puff.
by SatinYew June 21, 2014
2 0
An individual that puts on a bigger front than he really has. Same as a braggart, but less savory.
Don't let that cheesepuff bullshit you.
by tradesman March 31, 2003
18 16