grilled cheese is my favourite food
by poopjgughj November 28, 2009
A dairy product used to make food such as grilled cheeses mmmmm oh yeah and it is also used when emos want to be random
emo 1- I like cheese!
emo 2- Yeah you are so random lolz
regular person- you guys are gay as crap
by emosSUCKeggs! November 28, 2009
The best food known to mankind and especially to Shannon, whose dream is to go to the Wisconsin cheese convention one day.Has many varieties, which Shannon hopes to one dayhave tried all of them.
"Gouda, Gouda, Gouda (cheese), rockin everywhere!"
by fellowcheeseadmirer April 22, 2008
a dairy product made of milk of animals!
that was a foul smelling cheese.
by A1YDZ January 15, 2008
When one laughs for a long period of time from the effects of drugs such as marijuana. Usually accompanied by the perma-grin.
"Dude, Evan is straight CHEESIN', dog!"

"Shut the fuck up before I start to cheese, bro..."
by The Almighty Cho June 07, 2005
Term used in a sport when a bad opposing team (or player) somehow wins the game by lucky, unbelievable, and ridiculous plays that wouldn't be shown often by this bad team
The point guard on the worst basketball team ever, Tigers, was all cheese and gave us our first bad lost of the season.

The man was cheese and thought it would be funny to kick the ball from the center circle of the soccer field and somehow scored on us
by countitand1 May 08, 2011
slang term for sex
man we had some good cheese last night!!
by snowy1203 May 07, 2011
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