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a smile so huge and out of control you can't help but laugh
haha man quit cheese'n
by mad awsome November 24, 2003
1. Smiling like when one says "cheese" while having your photo taken.
2. Authentically smiling in an excited or exuberant way.
1. She was cheesen' mad hard in that photo.
2. I liked it so much I was cheenen' on it hard.
by LexiconSatan August 24, 2011
When a male cats mark their territory they shoot out a concentrated urine that makes any one hit in the face hallucinate. this process of getting high is known as cheese'n.
Ya jimmy was cheese'n his balls off the other day!!
by doobie69 March 27, 2008
to smile so large to apoint that it is unhealthy .... most often seen in school pictures
that bitch was cheese'n in that picture
by kitty February 17, 2003
having sex with Swiss cheese through the holes
God, last night, I was chees'n so much, I exploded all over the kitchen counter.
by Steve February 06, 2004
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