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A dirty frenchman (usually a soccer player) who has horrible breath and sucks at almost all things in life. They like to stick their penises into small spaces and jizz everywhere, when the jizz dries it becomes a cheddar-cheese-like substance
Jeff you fucking cheddar dick!!11!1!
by Pubertus June 17, 2008
A man who is not circumcised. All men that have foreskin, and all foreskin smells like cheese.

When someone is being a total pussy and acting weak and maybe even gay.
"Most British men are cheddar dicks."

by Aaron B. D. December 30, 2007
Someone who puts on a false veneer of uber politeness to strangers, great aunts, and authority figures. Insincere sweetness. A suck up. Those who employ this technique can be referred to as a "cheddardick".
"How the hell did Bill get that promotion? The guy is a total fucking idiot!"
"He cheddardicked his way to the top!"
by fugglesnugler June 14, 2016
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