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when a divorce settlement is adjusted from 50/50 based on infidelity. it doesn't matter whether it was the ex-wife that boned the trainer cuz he acted like he was interested in her boring stories, or whether it was the ex-husband getting off with the young hot bartender in the back cooler based on his generous tipping and free drink giving. what don't you understand here: in either case the cheater gets less than the cheatee. wtf, it's not that difficult a concept, get lost peasant.
guy1 - What's your prediction on how much cheaters discount Jen will give Steve?

girl1- Great question, Im thinkin like 70/30. If you think about it, yeah, she was in fact enjoying anal with her boss for a solid 3 years, but Steve did sort of deserve it, he was douchey quite a bit.

guy1: yeah that sounds about right.
by norwegianmissile January 21, 2010
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