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A once great place to go for cheat codes and/or strategy guides for pretty much every game out there. It sucks now because it's filled with pop-ups and ads at every corner. Flashblocker takes care of most of said ads..but it still takes a while to load the page as compared to other sites.
Cheatcc used to be a great place to get cheats/guides, but it went the way of Newgrounds and sold out to massive amounts of ads.
by Suburban Badass September 29, 2007
The best place anywhere to get cheats, codes, hints, tips, and strategy guides for video games. If you need help with any video game, this is the best place to go for help. They also have tons of reviews, previews, news, and other cool stuff having to do with games!
Did you check out CheatCC to get cheat codes and help for your video game(s)?
by TedtheGamer January 13, 2006
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