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Chas Kramer or Chaz Kramer/Pulling a Chaz Kramer
Taken from the movie Constantine where Constantine's apprentice, Chas Kramer would imititate John Constantine's catch phrase by saying, "The name is Kramer, Chas Kramer, asshole." Towards the end of the movie after seemingly winning against Satan's son by performing an exorsism of sorts, Chas says "The name is Kramer, Chas Kramer... ass" and is abruptly cut off as he is grabbed by unseen forces and thrown against the ceiling and the floor severals times, afterwhich he dies from the incurred injuries.

1) Used as an insult or for putting someone back in line when they are talking massive shit while in the process of winning at a competition of any kind.
2) Used as a warning to let someone know they should stop bragging before they get themselves pwnt with authority.
3) Used as an insult for kicking the wounded after they've just lost a competition of any kind while they were talking massive shit.
person1: Oh man look at that! I am so about to spank that
ass. You're so about to lose the game.
person2: Shut up,
person1: Just accept your fate, there is no winning it for
person2: Shut up!
person1: What? Not my fault that you suck at life. Now
get on your knees and beg for me to make it quick.
person2: Ok Chaz.
person1: *silence*
person1: *silence*
person1: *silence*

"Ok man, keep talking shit like Chaz Kramer, see what happens to your punk ass."

person3: Man, what's wrong with person1?
person4: Oh, he lost the match with person2.
person3: Ah. Damn, he looked like he was gonna win that
one for sure. Wonder what happened.
*brief pause*
person3: He was pulling a Chaz Kramer huh?
person4: Yep.
person3 and person4: Dumbass.
by October 05, 2005
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