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It's a name resulting from a rare mixture of Javier and Xavier. So far, Chavier's tend to be Cuban, extremely energetic and passionate about their likes. Not the nerd type, however a Chavier is really smart and responsible. Hard worker, perfect boyfriend. Kind of shy when it comes to flirt with smart girls, but considers intelligence to be a crucial quality in a woman. They also tend to be Sagittarius and are surprisingly compatible with libra's. Described in one word: adventurous.
I really admire Chavier: he's not only extremely smart and funny; but the way he seems to have everything figured out makes me feel safe.
by treintayseis January 13, 2012
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a hilarious gay guy that tries to act "straight"
"oh you see that chaviers what a gay dude"
by kazzie portie September 28, 2011
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